English Language AS Level Course

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Our AS Level English Language Course will help students to prepare for their AQA English Language AS Level exams as a private candidate.

Course Description

The English Language AS Level Course examines the English language and how this is used in different instances. This course is an ideal chance for students to improve their language skills and gain a greater understanding of spoken and written language.

This home study course follows the new linear English Language AS Level syllabus.Students wanting to complete a full A Level should purchase a course from the A Level Course section of our website.

Each lesson begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study. Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self- assessment questions. There are 8 Tutor-Marked Assignments (known as TMAs). 

Specification & Exams

Students can study for the AQA English Language 7701 AS Level Specification sitting exams in May/June 2021 or later years


  • Paper 1: English Language 1 – Language, the Individual & Society (1 Hours 30 Minutes) is 70 marks in total (50% of AS level).
  • Paper 2: English Language 2 – Language Diversity & Change (1 Hours 30 Minutes) is 70 marks in total (50% of AS level).

The English Language AS Level Course Includes the Following Units:
The following topics are covered: Modes of address: Lexis and Semantics; Modes of address: Grammar and Graphology; Modes of address: Analysing spontaneous speech – phonetics, phonology and prosodics; and Modes of address: Pragmatics and discourse.
The following topics are covered: Variations in spoken, written and multi-modal texts; Representations – Texts in Time; Representations – Texts in Context; and Language, Power and Identity.
The following topics are covered: Sociolects – Social and Occupational groups; Sociolects – gender and ethnicity; Accents and Dialects – Regional varieties; and Global English – National and International varieties.
The following topics are covered: ‘Standard English’ : Caxton’s Eggs and historical attitudes; Attitudes to diversity and change – constructing identity; Attitudes to diversity and change – positioning and influencing the reader; and Attitudes to diversity and change – future discourses.


We will admit Candidates for AS Level Courses who have a minimum of 4 GCSE’s at grade C and above on the older grading system or 4 or above on the new grading system. This is a technical course and students are required to have a good level of spelling and grammar and should already have a grade B/6 GCSE in English Language.

Please Note: We cannot accept students who are under 16 years old on this course.

Additional Reading

The following books are required to work alongside your course materials:

  • AQA A Level English Language Student Book by Dan Clayton (ISBN: 978-0198334002)

Additional non-essential recommended reading is detailed in the course materials for students who would like further resources whilst completing their studies. We recommend purchasing any books after receiving your course materials to make sure there have been no revisions.

Duration & Support

Students will be supported until their chosen examination window. Every student receives a personal tutor with whom they should keep in regular contact. All tutors are fully qualified experienced teachers holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education or a degree in education. Most work from home and are able to offer flexible contact times. The tutor will contact students with an introductory letter and a telephone call to help decide on a study plan. They will also let the student know the best ways and times for contact.

There is no limit on how often you can contact your tutor. The advice and encouragement our tutors provide are an important part of your learning experience. You can contact your tutor by Phone, Post or Email. There are tutor-marked assignments (TMA’s) in every course. These help the student to consolidate their learning and prepare for examinations.

All tutors have a Freephone 0800 telephone number and most will have Skype capabilities. Whilst you are still actively submitting assignments, you should expect to be in contact with your tutor regularly. Remember, to get the most out of your tutor, you will need to tell them when you need assistance.

AQA AS Level Examination Centres and Exam Dates

All AQA specification AS Level Exams must be taken at a registered examination centre as a private candidate. We offer course materials and tutor support although we don’t offer the examinations. An Examinations Officer can assist any registered student with finding centres and dealing with coursework forms, but we do not book exams on behalf of students and it is the students responsibility to book their own exams. 

Students are contacted in December/January and advised to start arranging their examinations. AQA have over 300 examination centres in the UK. If you would like to research exam centres prior to enrolment then you can visit the AQA page for private candidates which shows a small selection of centres set out geographically.

Private Candidates cannot complete AQA Specification Exams outside of the UK.

Examination Dates and Exam fees:

AS Level exams are only available in the Summer examination window and examination fees need to be paid direct to your chosen exam centre. Prices for exams will vary depending on the exam centre’s administration costs. 

Please Note: The nearest examination window we can accept students aiming towards is now Summer 2022. 

The closing date for all subjects is 12 November 2021. Students can also aim for exams in Summer 2023 if that is their preference, providing the specification is still available.

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Course Format

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Self-Study Time

Approximately 350 Hours (Self-Study)

Delivery Time

7 Working Days (Courier Service)